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natural crystals and minerals

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We understand that, to our customers, it is important that our products are ethically sourced, so we always aim to source only handpicked crystals, selected by ourselves personally from Pakistan. We are a small family run business that prides itself on our excellent products and services.

Minerals and Crystals: About Us
Personalised gemstones

Precious Gems From The Himalayans
Ethically Sourced 

We personally visit Pakistan and pick each crystal and minerals from the Himalayans for you to purchase online or in-store. 

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Unique Minerals and Crystals

Here you will find a fantastic range of products online. We have polished tumble stones and raw crystals in stock, as well as a beautiful range of personally chosen, spheres, pyramids, wands, and shapes.



Quartz can be crystal clear or include inclusions, veils, bubbles, and other colours. Quartz crystal is a powerful stone that is highly valued as a healing stone, capable of treating any condition.



Tourmaline, as a healing crystal, promotes happiness and positivity. Tourmalines have one of the most diverse colour palettes of any gem.



It has one of the most unique colours among precious stones. Its beautiful colour has long been a symbol of youth, good health, and hope.

golden healer crystal


Because of its many uses and benefits, golden healer is considered a multi-purpose crystal. It combines the magnifying qualities of clear quartz with the healing benefits of change.



Epidote is a strong tool for increasing any feeling or mood in which it is placed or near. If you want to release or transform heavy emotions or negativity held in your body, Epidote can help you with that.



Garnets are gemstones that have been known to restore balance and provide protection and strength. It is said to be a powerful energy source.

crystal clear


Herkimer Diamonds are the crystal world's high energy searchers. They are excellent healing crystals that are used in meditations, dreams, and vision work.



Blue gemstones have long been related to mental focus, inner vision, and psychic awareness. According to chakra theory, sapphires offer healing capabilities and help in opening the third eye to get deeper insight.

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special piece of minerals

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for a one-to-one appointment or personal experience with gemstones and healing crystals. 

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